Sometimes, you need 'bigger' help.  Staff leave, cashflow stalls, responsibilities change, life happens. Or maybe you know there's more information hidden in your Xero file, you just need help to find it.  

Julie has been bookkeeping for over 25 years, using Xero for over 10 of those, and is a big believer in 'you dont know what you dont know'.  

Getting into the real detail and learning about the personality of your business is what we really love to do, and by using our knowledge of Xero and our experience with small businesses, we can give you an insight into what your business is doing, and what it should be doing, for you.  Some of it wont be pretty, but if you're at that stage in your business that you just have to know more, get in touch.

Working together, we can put the words behind the numbers. 

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