Why? Because we love it, and you don't! 

Be honest - you don't, do you? Or maybe you don't actually mind it, but you know there are so many better ways of spending your time. 

Prices start from $125p/month - contact us to find out more >>

Life's busy when you're running your own business. You've got money to earn.  And you didn't go into business to do the books, so it would be much better if someone else did it for you. Just magic-ed away all that paperwork, quietly. And then reminded you who needed paying when. Or that the GST was all done and submitted, and the cheque was in the mail. Thats what we do best. Quietly and efficiently, we can be your accounts department, as and when you need it. 

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We can do as much or as little as you like. 

  • Sales Invoices sent to clients, and payments chased if they're a bit forgetful

  • Purchase invoices uploaded and entered, so you know how much you need to pay everyone next week or next month

  • Payroll and PAYE Returns 

  • GST correctly calculated, Returns submitted to the IRD on time, every time, and nothing claimed that shouldnt be.

  • Regular reporting, such as cashflow, Profit & Loss, and those "what-if?" situations - as much and as often as you want.

  • Nice tidy records ready for your Accountant at year end, or whenever the bank manager needs them.

  • Everything done remotely, using Dropbox and Xero, because frankly thats the way we work the best.

  • Coffee, because a catchup over the numbers and a cappacino is very important to us. We like to know who our customers are, what makes them tick. And what coffee they drink...