Check out Xero.com, or better still, ask us to show you.  We can set you up and getting you going, and show you how to get the most out of the worlds most Beautiful Accounting Software. We're Xero Gold partners, and use it all day, every day, because we love it.

In the past, I have used everything from Excel Spreadsheets to MYOB to SAPS to record a business's financial transactions.  Each has its own merits, and delivers the necessary information, but in a time consuming and, lets face it, boring format.  Worst of all, its only as up to date as the last time you entered data in, which we all know is never recent enough, so when you do realise theres something up, its too late. 

And then along came Xero, and everything changed and Julie Russell can help. 

If you were going to be honest, you’d have to say that most business owners grudgingly spend time doing their accounts. And can it take up precious time they could be doing other things. While Xero has improved this situation, there is still a massive gap in knowledge required to make the most of this powerful tool.

Julie Russell at Julie Russell Consulting, can take the pain out of the set up and give you confidence that Xero will run as you really need it to. She can step into a business and quickly put owners on the right track and keep training your accounts department, so they are always improving their skill level.

Better information leads to better business.



There are few ways that Julie makes sure you get the best from her Xero consulting service.




Xero has been marketed as the cloud accounting software that’s user-friendly. When you compare Xero to its competitors, the statement is true. However, a business still requires the services of a

Xero professional to ensure to the system is correctly set up at the start. Otherwise, the figures and all subsequent reporting will be inaccurate and nowhere near as useful. Which is where Julie’s

expertise becomes so valuable. Julie can come into a business, analyse their operation, examine their accounts and then set up Xero to allow its most effective use.

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Although Xero is a powerful software package that has changed the way many businesses do their accounts, if you don’t have the expertise to make the most of its functions, you will always fail to maximise its full potential. And that applies to every operation - from one-man bands that do their own accounts, through to bigger businesses that have a dedicated accounts clerk. So who do you call for help? Julie Russell. Julie isn’t just a Xero expert; she’s an expert trainer who has the knowledge, patience and communication skills to

simplify complex concepts. The outcome is a business owner who becomes faster, more efficient and more capable – producing, not just a cleaner set of accounts, but a wealth of financial information that can be used to drive business growth.

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Although Julie has worked across the full spectrum of industries, she understands that every business is different. She knows they operate differently, face a different set of challenges, and are trying to achieve a different set of goals and so on. So upfront Julie takes the time to get inside every business she engages with, sitting down one-on-one, getting to know how the business runs, getting to know people and then getting to know the numbers. With this knowledge, Julie can tailor a both a Xero and Bookkeeping solution to overcome issues and thrive.

“I believe that technology is worthless without well-trained people.

The technology boom has created a whole new industry based on tools that are designed to help businesses. Xero cloud based accounting is one of these tools. On the surface it’s great, but what people tend to forget is the technology is no silver bullet.

Head in the Cloud Consultaing help small business owners make the most of their Xero accounting software, so they can then make the most of their business.”

–  Julie Russell